Community Investment Opportunity with Hydro One


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Project Summary  
Location: Horne Business Park in West Orillia (corner of University Avenue and Old Barrie Road) Horne Business Park
Budget: n/a
Timeline:  Now that Council has signed agreements with Hydro One, the deal requires Ontario Energy Board approval - a process that can take up to one year to complete. 
Current Status: Hydro One's MAAD (Mergers, Acquisitions, Amalgamations, Divestitures) Notice of Application has been filed with the Ontario Energy Board for approval. 
Project Contact: Gayle Jackson, 705-329-7232, gjackson@orillia.ca


Council at a Special Meeting of Council held August 15, 2016, signed agreements with Hydro One that will see 36 acres of the 42-acre Horne Business Park in West Orillia used for an Advanced Technology Hub.

The development is anticipated to inject approximately $200 to $300-million in near-term economic impact on the community, including the construction of three facilities, the creation of a significant number of highly-skilled, knowledge-based jobs, and fibre optics upgrades within the City. 


Over the last year, the City has been in negotiations exploring opportunities with Hydro One.

The opportunity presented by Hydro One includes the acquisition of the Orillia Power Distribution Corporation (OPDC), a subsidiary of the Orillia Power Corporation (OPC). The Orillia Power Generation Corporation (OPGC), whose business includes three hydroelectric generating stations, will not be affected and will continue to be owned by the City of Orillia, including the annual dividend it provides the City.  View the Negotiations Backgrounder.

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Two public information sessions were held on January 12 and June 1 at City Centre with Mayor Clarke, the Hydro One Transition Team, Orillia Power Corporation and Hydro One representatives. 

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News and Information

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For more information contact the Office of the Mayor at mayor@orillia.ca or 705-325-3662.


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