Facilities & Special Projects


Kent Guptill
Director of Facilities and Special Projects
Facilities and Special Projects Department
50 Andrew Street South, Suite 300
Orillia, ON L3V 7T5

Phone: 705-325-2998
Fax: 705-325-5178

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Council adopted a Corporate Reorganization on September 17, 2012. Included in this reorganization was the creation of a Facilities and Special Projects Department. 

The creation of this department will provide resources to support he City's significant capital facilities program and implement best practices (asset management systems) in the management of our building portfolio.

The divisions within this department are Property Management, Special Projects and Information Technology. In 2016, the Electricians joined this department as well.

The inclusion of Information Technology within this department supports the technical operations within the City's facilities and also provides assistance with the planning in new projects.

The Director of Facilities & Special Projects reports directly to the Deputy Chief Administrative Officer/City Clerk. In March, 2013, Kent Guptill was hired in to this position.