Respect +


Michael Ladouceur
Sport Program Supervisor
50 Andrew St. S.
Suite 300
Orillia, ON L3V7T5

Phone: (705) 325-2050

The Respect + (respect and responsibility) Program was created to deal with the growing problem of bad behaviour within recreational activities and programs. While Orillia is not unique in this regard, Orillia has decided that, as a community, we are no longer willing to allow unacceptable behaviour in our facilities and programs.

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 Everyone has the right to feel safe while attending a program or facility. With that right comes the responsibility to be accountable for actions that may put others at risk. We need the entire community to support this initiative to make it work.

If you are involved in or witness an incident, you should report it to the facility staff.  With your assistance, they will complete a written Respect + incident report.  If staff is not available, a Respect + incident report should be completed on-line (See below) and then forwarded to the Parks and Recreation Department. 

What type of incidents should be reported? All forms of inappropriate behaviour are unacceptable at any City of Orillia recreational facility.  Incidents involving any of the following should be reported in writing:

  • Harassment
  • Intimidation
  • Vandalism
  • Obscene/vulgar language
  • Threats of any nature
  • Use of alcohol /drugs
  • Verbal assault
  • Physical assault
  • Physical abuse

Respect + Program handbook

Incident Report Form

"Sport provides children with an excellent opportunity to learn how to manage the emotions that are associated with winning and losing. Valuable lessons can be learned about improvement in skill and the value of challenge from both winning and losing. Adult participants in children's sports play an extremely important role in teaching children how to win and lose graciously. Parents and coaches should consistently teach, and model behaviour that demonstrates to children the importance of self-respect and respect for coaches, officials, teammates, and opponents in both victory and defeat. Regardless of the outcome of the competition, children should be encouraged by these adults to always remember that the spirit of competition is valuable not only for the outcome, but also for the process of striving to achieve that outcome in a fair and dignified manner." - High Five Sport Action Plan