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By-laws are passed by City Council. The issues covered by these municipal by-laws range from animals running at large to yard maintenance standards and development charges. Below is a list of the most frequently requested regulatory by-laws:

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 Adequate Heat

Business Licensing

 Clean and Clear

Dog Licensing

Drinking Water System/Lawn Watering


Exotic Animals

False Alarms



Idling Control

In-line Skating/ Skateboarding

Motorized Snow Vehicle

No Smoking (includes waterpipes)Noise
Numbering of Buildings and LotsObstruction, Encumbrance, Fouling, LoiteringOpen Air Burning

Over-Dimensional Vehicles  


Parkland Dedication 

Property Maintenance - Occupancy Standards

Property Standards Complaint Form

Sewage Discharge

Sidewalks - BIA


Solid Waste Management

Stoop and Scoop

Swimming Pool Fence

Taxi Licensing

Traffic & Parking

Tree Conservation 

 Water System - Cross-Connection

 Zoning* 2005-72

 Zoning* 2014-44
Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C


*Please note that both Zoning by-laws (2005-72 and 2014-44) are currently in effect until further notice.

Copies of all original by-laws can be viewed in the office of the City Clerk.

There is a charge of $0.25 per page.