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What is a "Cross-Connection"?

A cross-connection, present in every water supply system, is defined as "any actual or potential connection between a potable water system and any source of pollution or contamination." Any cross-connections that are not protected against backflow (a flowing back or reversal of the normal direction of flow) are potentially a dangerous source of contamination. When backflow occurs through an unprotected cross-connection, pollutants or contaminants can enter the municipal water system. Due to the resulting health hazards, it is important for the municipality to have an effective cross-connection control program (CCCP) in place.

 Examples of a Cross-Connection

gardenhosecross-connection.jpg  watersoftenercross-connection.jpg

A garden hose submerged in a container of water

Water softener drains attached to a drain line with no air break

About the Program

The City of Orillia is taking a responsible, pro-active approach to ensure the protection of our municipal water system from pollutants and contaminants. In 2006 the City of Orillia adopted a Cross-Connection Control Program to add towards safeguarding the protection of our most precious resource.  Complete details of this program can be found within Municipal Code Chapter 1020 - Drinking Water System Cross-Connection Control Program.

Without a program in place, Orillia could face:

  • Serious health effects
  • Emergency measures
  • Disruption of service
  • Liability for violating the Ministry of the Environment Safe Drinking Water Act

Program Requirements

Commercial Accounts: All commercial water billing accounts were required to have a Cross-Connection Inspection Report completed by June 30, 2007.

Private Fire Hydrants: All owners of private fire hydrants are required to submit Annual Inspection Reports. The first report was to be submitted by August 1, 2007.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems: All owners of lawn sprinkler systems must comply with current plumbing code requirements. Effective dates for compliance are noted in the by-law.

The Process: Step-by-Step

There are several steps in the process for meeting compliance with the Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program which are outlined below.

First Compliance Notice: The City of Orillia will issue a Compliance Notice to all commercial property owners who do not have a backflow device installed at their property and are therefore not in compliance with the Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention Municipal Code Chapter 1020. This notice outlines that a Qualified Person must submit a Cross-Connection Inspection Report on behalf of the property owner within 30 days of receiving the notice.

Cross-Connection Inspection Report: After inspecting the premises and identifying any potential or actual cross-connections, the Qualified Person contracted by the property owner (at the property owners expense) will complete & submit the Cross-Connection Inspection Report on the owners behalf.

Second Compliance Notice: Upon review of the submitted Cross-Connection Inspection Report, the City of Orillia will issue a second Compliance Notice assigning the property a premise health hazard level.  This notice identifies which backflow device must be installed based on the hazard level associated with the property.  This device must be installed within 30 days of receipt of the letter.

Device Installation and Report Submission: Before the backflow device can be installed, the owner must obtain a Building Permit. Once the building permit has been obtained, the Qualified Person contracted by the property owner (at the property owners expense) will install and test the required device. The Qualified Person will then complete and submit a Cross-Connection Inspection Report - Corrective Actions and a RP & DCVA Backflow Prevention Device Test Report confirming that the backflow device has been installed on behalf of the property owner.

Inspection: Upon receipt of the acceptable documentation, the device will then be inspected by the City of Orillia to ensure all code requirements have been met.

Successful Completion Notice: After completion of a successful inspection, the City of Orillia will issue the property owner a final notice recognizing that the acceptable device has been installed and is in good standing.

Maintenance: The backflow device must be tested once every thirteen (13) months by a Qualified Person to ensure the device is in good working condition. One copy of the Test Report is to be left onsite at the premises and one copy is to be submitted to the City of Orillia. All inspections and tests conducted shall have a City of Orillia testing and inspection tag affixed to the device denoting the date and signature of qualified person who has completed the work. If the device has failed an inspection, the Qualified Person will arrange with the property owner (at the property owners expense) to make the necessary repairs to ensure the device is in good working order.

NOTE: An updated Cross-Connection Inspection Report must be submitted to the City of Orillia every five (5) years and two (2) months, unless the account meets one of the conditions identified in 1020.3.2.

How to Become a Qualified Person

The Qualified Person Application form is required to be completed and submitted to backflow@orillia.ca.



 Picture of backflow


Reduce Pressure Backflow Preventer (RPBP)

Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA)


Forms and Related Information

All of the necessary forms and documents of the compliance requirements to ensure a safe and secure potable water system are provided below.  

List of Qualified Persons

Qualified Person Application

Inspections & Tests

Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention By-law

Cross-Connection Inspection Report

Cross-Connection Inspection Report - Corrective Actions

RP & DCVA Backflow Prevention Device Test Report

PVB Backflow Prevention Device Test Report

Building Permit:

Building Permit - Owner Permission Form

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Report to Council - 1

Report to Council - 2

Report to Council - 3

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