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100 Kitchener Street, Orillia, ON L3V 6Z9

Phone: 705-325-3522
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Waste Diversion Site

Orillia's Waste Diversion Site is located at 100 Kitchener St., Orillia. While it accepts a wide range of waste, its primary function is to divert recyclable materials from the landfill.

Please select any of the landfill menu items in the left-hand column for more information on our Waste Diversion Site programs.

Landfill Charge Accounts

Commercial users may be eligible to obtain a charge account. Upon credit application approval, a charge account will be set up whereby the user will be billed monthly rather than having to pay onsite per visit.

To apply for a Waste Diversion Site charge account, please complete the Waste Diversion Site Credit Application for submission to the Environmental Services and Operations Department. Please note: process time may take up to one week upon receipt of a full and complete application.

Please refer to the SWM Payment of Tip Fees Policy for further details of payment and credit information.

We attempt to make our website documents accessible, however, some of these documents may not completely meet the AODA accessibility requirements. If you require assistance or communication support, please contact 705-326-1502.