Orillia Wheelchair Limousine Service


Karen Strain
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20 James Street West, Orillia, ON L3V 6Y3

Phone: 705-325-8434
Fax: 705-326-3373

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Orillia Wheelchair Limousine Service (O.W.L.S.) is for those who are unable to board public transit or ride in a taxi and need the assistance of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle. O.W.L.S. is owned and operated by the City of Orillia. The O.W.L.S. bus travels within city limits and to Orillia Square Mall.

All trips are pre-booked by calling 705-327-0411.

All trips are on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are urged to book at least 24 hours in advance. Repeat trips may be booked for periods of up to one month.

O.W.L.S. Facts

  • Fare is $2.00 each way
  • 12-Trip Fare Card - $22.00 
  • 48-Trip Fare Cards - $84.00
  • After-hours service is available; for additional information, see the After Hours Booking Information page.

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday        6:30am to 10:30pm (last booking at 10:00pm)

Saturday                     9:00am to 8:00pm (last booking at 6:00pm)

Sunday                       9:00am to 4:30pm (last booking at 2:00pm)

After hours service still available - please call 705-327-0411 for more information

Important Information

  • The O.W.L.S. vehicle is unable to pull into private driveways.
  • If you require personal care or assistance, please arrange for an attendant or companion. Attendants do not have to pay a fare. 
  • Children under 13 who ride without an attendant must be met by an adult at their destination.


For more information, please contact Jocelyn Beitz at 705-325-3975.