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Notice to Contractors and Builders:

Please be advised that for all residential and commercial Application For Municipal Services completed after October 1, 2014, the City of Orillia will proceed with the installation of all water meters up to 20 mm in size. Click here for more information.

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Water Meters

Water meters are used for calculating water usage for many reasons such as billing, consumption, leak detection, calculation of waste water discharged back into the municipal system and overall usage accountability in both residential and commercial applications.

Today's water meters are both compact and carry many features that are both beneficial to the water purveyor and the end user. Some of the features found in current water meters include trending capabilities, leak detection and backflow detection.With ongoing concerns surrounding water conservation, it is the responsibility of all users to ensure that water is protected from contamination and is used responsibly. 

Water Meter Purchase

The purchase of a water meter is required before any building permit can be issued; the required steps are as follows:

Step 1 - Sizing Requirements

The size of a water meter is the first important step which will ensure adequate water to all the fixtures within the premise and which will meet all Ontario Building Codes. For residential applications the most common sizes are ¾'' and 1'' and various sizes ranging from ¾'' - 8" for commercial applications. The required size can be confirmed by contacting the City of Orillia's Building Department.

Step 2 - Payment of Water Meter

The payment of the water meter can be made at the Waste Water Treatment Center (WWTC). There are two forms of acceptable payments that can be made which are either by cash or cheque. Unfortunately debit and credit cards are not accepted at this time.

Step 3 - Pick up of Appurtenances

Once the water meter has been purchased, the owner or the representative for the owner may pick up the water meter package excluding the water meter and MXU device from the Water Filtration Plant (WFP). All of the required shut off valves, expansion tank, backflow device, touch pad, wire and installation instructions will be included.

Step 4 - Installation and final inspection

Once all required appurtenances have been installed, the Environmental Services Department may be contacted at 705-326-1502 to book an appointment for the water meter installation and final inspection. Once the water meter has been installed, the City will then turn the water on to the property and complete a final inspection.

Only City staff is authorized to operate a service curb box as per Municipal Code Chapter 1019 Drinking Water System.

Availability of water meters

All water meters are ordered when purchased and shipping timelines are based on supplier availability.

How to check for leaks

Water leaks within the premise can be a very costly incident that can both contribute damages to the property and result in very large water/ wastewater bills.

All water meters in the City of Orillia are equipped with a leak indicator. We highly recommend that you check this indicator on a regular basis and always compare your estimated water/ wastewater reading with your water meter to ensure that the readings are correct.

If your property is equipped with a Sensus SRII model as pictured below, the red indicator on the register head is your leak indicator. If occupants are not using any water, the red indicator should not move. If the indicator is still rotating in a clockwise direction then water is passing through the water meter and a leak is occurring within the plumbing system ie.. Faulty toilet, faucet etc...If this occurs, a qualified person should be hired to find and repair the water leak.


 If your property has a Sensus IPERL water meter as pictured below, your water meter is equipped with a digital LCD register. When water is flowing through the water meter a positive (+) sign will display on the read out screen. If this occurs when no water is being used by any occupants, then water is passing through the water meter and a water leak is occurring within the plumbing system.


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