Jacqueline Soczka
Manager of Culture
50 Andrew Street South
Orillia, ON L3V 7T5

Phone: 705-325-4530
Fax: 705-329-2176

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Artists and artisans work, display, and do business throughout the city in a number of lovely galleries, boutiques, outdoor market places, and public spaces.

Apple Annie's Cafe

Mississaga Street E.
Orillia, ON
L3V 1V6

Dave Beckett Art Gallery

1973 Marchmont Road

Orillia ON

L3V 6H2

(705) 325-6809


Mad With Rapture Studio

5 Peter St. South, Suite 204

Orillia, ON



Lee Contemporary Art

5 Peter Street South , Upper Level

Orillia. ON

(705) 331-3145


G.J. Thomson Imagery

5 Peter St. South, Suite 204

Orillia, ON


Sunning Hill Gallery

197 West Street North

Orillia, ON

L3V 5C7

(705) 325-6094

(705) 326-7778


Orillia Fine Arts Association

The Orillia Fine Arts Association is a community based network of visual artists who live and work primarily in the Orillia area. Their members regularly show in venues throughout the city. Contact them directly to find out more about their current shows.


Orillia Museum of Art & History

30 Peter Street South
Orillia, ON

L3V 5A9

705 326 2159


Peter St. Fine Arts Gallery and Studio

23 Peter St. S., Orillia L3V 5A8

705-331-2836 or 705-321-1403


Tiffin's Creative Centre

 22B Peter Street South

Orillia, ON

L3V 5A9

(705) 325-7205


Vander Meer Fine Arts

33 Mississaga St. East  # 5

Orillia, ON


(705) 325-4874


Zephyr Art Gallery

11 Peter Street South

Orillia, ON

L3V 5A8

(705) 326-0480