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Progress continues on your recreation centre

Posted on Wednesday March 25, 2015

For immediate release (March 25, 2015) – Orillia City Council is working hard today to develop your community centre.  As a first step in the process, Council met with staff today to review and consider amenities to be included in the future facility.

“This term of Council has a strong desire to make this community healthier - physically, mentally and economically,” said Mayor Steve Clarke. “When considering decisions around the recreation centre, Council is keeping all of these factors top of mind.” 

At the end of the day, Council hopes to have a progressive framework which will be used to refine the project budget and inform further discussions around the recreation center. 

On February 9, Council approved motions directing staff to proceed with negotiations to potentially acquire land to locate a community centre at 174 West Street South, while creating  a committee to investigate conditions for a  facility at 255 West Street South. A further motion established  an Ad Hoc Partnership Committee to explore potential partnership opportunities. By exploring these options, Council and staff have the opportunity to work on several elements of the recreation facility simultaneously, ensuring progress can be made on the recreation file while carrying out the necessary, and often essential, due diligence. 

Before final decisions are made, Council will be working on the Major Capital Facilities Plan in April. This process will assist in ensuring the affordability of the project.

"This term of Council will be tasked with a number of important, yet difficult, decisions,” said Clarke. “With this comes a tremendous opportunity. Council is not taking these decisions lightly, and as such is  pursuing all options thoroughly, to ensure the final location and amenities makes sense socially and economically. When we reach a decision, be assured that it will be informed, well-thought out and in the best interest of the community.” 

Clarke said that while this will take time, he’s confident that the comprehensive work Council is doing today will ensure the success of the project in the future. 

“I believe I speak for all of Council when I say that we recognize the magnitude of our decisions, and nothing is more important to us than making responsible and vigilant decisions on behalf of the community,” said Clarke. “We committed to finding a resolution on this within our first six months of office, and we’re confident this goal can be achieved. With the help of the community we will pursue a vision which will benefit the community now and in the future.” 

To ensure the community is kept up-to-date, a project webpage has been established at  Additional information and updates will be provided through this webpage as they become available. 

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