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Applications, Licences & Permits

The City of Orillia is responsible for many licences, permits, and applications. In this section, you will find what you're looking for if you require information about the following applications, licences, and permits:


Entrance Permit Changes

Council, at its May 16, 2022 meeting, passed Chapter 1000 - Entrance Permit.  Changes to the previous process include an application fee of $120, which includes one final inspection. If an additional inspection is required, the fee is $160 per inspection.  A security deposit will be required at the time of permit issuance ($500 for low density residential and $2,000 for medium density), which will be returned after the final inspection.  The homeowner must also provide $5 Million general comprehensive liability insurance naming the City at the time of permit issuance. 

Road Occupancy Permits

Applications for Road Occupancy Permits require a minimum of three (3) business days to process. Depending on the complexity of the permit, additional time may be required.

Over-dimensional Permits

An Over-dimensional Permit is a permit for individuals or companies wanting to move loads that exceed Ontario Ministry of Transportation legislated limits on height, length, width, or weight, or travel on a road that is indicated as a Reduced Load Restriction (maximum 5 tonnes per axle).  Click here to review a Guide to Oversize/Overweight Vehicles and Loads in Ontario

 BizPaL is a one-stop online resource where entrepreneurs and business owners can find all of the permit and licence information they need to start or grow their business. Based on some generic information that you provide about you proposed business activities, you will generate an overview list of permits and licences you may need from the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government - all in one place! The information you provide is anonymous and you may print and save the list for future reference.

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