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 2017 BMA Municipal Comparison Study 

The Municipal Competitiveness Study, was developed in 2001 by BMA Management Consulting as a consistent and measurable way to compare and rate a city's performance in various areas.  The database has since expanded to include close to 100 Ontario municipalities. 

Executive Summary

The City of Orillia boasts a number of competitive advantages over communities both across the region and the Province. This includes a number of financial advantages related to housing costs, industrial development charges and cost of living.

Orillia continues to participate in the BMA Municipal Comparison Study, which provides a comparison of 104 Ontario municipalities, citing; socio-economic factors, municipal tax rates, water and sewer rates, development charges, and building permit costs, all of which are key cost factors of new and expanding developments. 

Results of the 2017 BMA study can be viewed at the following links:

 2017 BMA Municipal Comparison Study - Part 1  
 2017 BMA Municipal Comparison Study - Part 2


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