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The Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan (DTCIP) launched on January 1, 2017.  This program seeks to encourage growth in Downtown Orillia, and in 2018 includes the provision of $200,000 in grants to offset costs of development in the downtown core for projects such as façade improvements, signage, feasibility studies, building improvements and the creation of residential units.

Over time, the DTCIP is expected to increase tax assessment, employment opportunities and housing options in the City's core as part of a longer term plan to revitalize the downtown and link it more closely to Orillia's waterfront.

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool authorized by the Planning Act and Municipal Act which allows municipalities to offer financial incentives such as grants and loans to property owners and business tenants in order to encourage downtown, neighbourhood and community revitalization.

The deadline for mandatory pre-consultations is October 16, 2019. To book your pre-consultation, please contact the Economic Development Department at 705-325-4900.

Lorne VanSinclair attends the DTCIP Community Workshop

For further information on the DTCIP Program, please contact Laura Thompson, Manager of Real Estate and Commercial Development at 705-325-4900.

 Intake Deadlines
After meeting with the Economic Development Department for your mandatory pre-consultation, applications can be submitted in person or through 2big4email to Laura Thompson, Manager of Real Estate and Commercial Development.


February 28, 2019

April 30, 2019

October 31, 2019

 Past Winners
 2017 - 1st Intake

Photo of grant recipients

Mayor Steve Clarke pictured with the recipients of the first intake of the Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan Grant Program in the Economic Development Office at Orillia City Centre on March 20, 2017. Grant recipients include the new micro brewery opening at 162 Mississaga St. E. ($24,050), Mariano Tulipano at 27 Mississaga St. E. ($20,570), Enertest Corporation at 53 Andrew St. S. ($9,600), Impression House at 42 Mississaga St. W. ($4,245), and Crossroads Staffing at 17 Mississaga St. W. ($601).

Read full details in the News Release regarding the DTCIP Grant Announcement.

 2017 - 2nd Intake

2nd Intake Grant Recipients













From left, Jeff Pitcher, grant recipient, Susan Willsey, grant recipient, and Coun. Ralph Cipolla, are pictured at the announcement of the second round of grants as part of the Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan Grant Program on May 24, 2017. Grant reciepients include Apple Annie's Café and Bake Shop at 101 Mississaga St. E. ($7,773), Jeff Pitcher at 75 Mississaga St. E. ($7,500), and Bob Robinson at 132 Mississaga St. E. ($2,210).

Read full details in the News Release regarding the DTCIP Grant Announcement.

 2017 - 3rd Intake

3rd Intake Grant Recipient














Councillors Ralph Cipolla, Ted Emond and Pat Hehn pictured with grant recipient Kathleen Philip. Philip was awarded $30,000 to transform vacant space behind and above the existing dental practice into new apartments.

Read full details in the News Release regarding the DTCIP Grant Announcement.

 2018 - 1st Intake

2018 First Intake Award Recipients













Mayor Steve Clarke and Coun. Ted Emond pictured with the recipients of the first 2018 intake of the Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan Grant Program at the Economic Development Office at Orillia City Centre on March 22, 2018.  

Read full details in the News Release regarding the DTCIP Grant Announcement.

2018 - 2nd Intake

Grant Recipients:

Refillery District - $4,975 Facade Improvement Grant

Apple Annies - $15,000 Building Improvement Grant

2018 - 3rd Intake 

3rd Intake Grant Recipients

Mike Radonicich (left), owner of 58 Albert St. S., and Eric Sayle (right), representing St. Paul’s Centre, join Mayor Steve Clarke for the City of Orillia’s Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan Grant Program presentation on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018.

Read full details in the News Release regarding the DTCIP Grant Annoucement.

 2019 - 1st Intake

DTCIP Grant Recipients

Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan (DTCIP) grant recipients Chris Montgomery, owner of 27 Mississaga St. W. (left), and Bob Wilsey, owner of Mariposa Market (right), pictured with Coun. Pat Hehn and Mayor Steve Clarke at the DTCIP grant announcement on April 16, 2019.

Read full details in the News Release regarding the DTCIP Grant Announcement.

 2019 - 2nd Intake

Grant recipients at announcement with Mayor

The City of Orillia presented three recipients with grants as part of the Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan on May 30, 2019. From left to right are: Coun. Tim Lauer, Coun. Pat Hehn, Anitta Hamming of Creative Nomad Studios, Mayor Steve Clarke, Tracy Christie, owner of Bowood Properties and 160 Mississaga St. E., and Coun. Rob Kloostra.

Read full details in the News Release regarding the DTCIP Grant Announcement.

 DTCIP Program Guides and Application Package

All applicants are required to review the Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan AND participate in a mandatory pre-consultation meeting with City of Orillia program staff. 

Mandatory pre-consultations may be scheduled up to one week prior to the intake deadline and are subject to the availability of staff. 

Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan

DTCIP Brochure (Includes an overview of the DTCIP Program)

DTCIP Application Package (Includes Frequently Asked Questions, information related to grant values per program type)

DTCIP Project Area 

DTCIP Evaluation Criteria

DTCIP Priority Properties

Information on Sign Permits, Applications, By-laws and Fees

* Note: Feasibility/Design Study Grants, Fees Grants, Facade Improvement Program, Building Improvement Program and Residential Improvement Program Grants may be awarded once per property per year (from the date of grant approval) to a maximum of two grants for any five year period.

 Be Prepared!
WSIB Clearance and Insurance Requirements

When applying for the program, applicants must ensure that potential contractors have Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Certification as well as proof of insurance.


Tip: When collecting quotations from contractors, request that they provide you with a copy of their WSIB certificate and proof of insurance to ensure that all potential contractors are eligible. Upon approval, the applicant will be required to submit a WSIB certificate and proof of insurance for the successful contractor to the Economic Development Department.


Project Timing

The intent of the DTCIP is to stimulate developments and improve the visitor experience; as such it is important that improvements take place in a timely manner. The grant agreement will have an approved project timeline indicating the date at which the project must be completed to be awarded the grant funds.


Tip: When collecting quotations from contractors, communicate the timeline of the project to ensure that all factors are considered (weather, workload, etc.) in order to meet the projected deadline.


Receipt Submission

Applicants must submit proof of payment for all eligible expenses. Eligible invoices will only be accepted from qualified contractors, firms, and/or businesses.


Tip: Submit one receipt from each of your contractor(s) showing proof of payment for eligible expenses. Receipts from various retailers and/or building supply outlets will not be accepted. 

 2019 Status of Grant Funding
A total of $200,000 has been allocated to the Downtown Tomorrow CIP Grant Program for 2019. 


Funds remaining for each grant program are as follows:

Facade Improvement Program - $27,500

Feasibility/Design Study Grant Program- $20,000

Building Improvement Grant Program- $0 *

Residential Grant Program- $30,000


* Following the final grant intake, staff will be able to reallocate funds if the project achieves a high caliber impact in the downtown and therefore applicants are encouraged to apply even when the program funds are depleted. 

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 Additional Resources
Local Consultant Resource List

Report to Council Re: DTCIP Adoption and 2017 Implementation Plan (includes presentation)

DTCIP Community Workshop Presentation 

 Development of the Downtown Tomorrow CIP 
The Downtown Tomorrow CIP project began in June 2015 with a review and inventory of the project area.

On July 14, 2015, the community was invited to learn more about the Downtown Tomorrow CIP and how it could benefit downtown Orillia at a public information session. RCI Consulting, a leader in the development of CIP's, was on-hand to facilitate a group workshop where challenges and opportunities were captured for consideration in the next phase of the project.

These ideas were captured in the Downtown Tomorrow Consultation Summary.

DTCIP Public Information Session

The project team brought forward  the first draft of incentive programs and associated documents to Council Committee on September 21, 2015, for consideration. A second Public Information Session took place on Tuesday, October 27, where the community provided input on the draft incentives and draft design principles. 

A Special Council Committee meeting was held on November 12, 2015, where Council made additional changes and revisions to the CIP programs in order to increase the flexibility of the programs.

The draft Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan package was sent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for comment in February 2016.

Between February and May 2016, the staff project team worked with community stakeholders developing recommendations related to implementation for 2017, including details related to proposed budget allocations and potential evaluation criteria for awarding grants.

The final DTCIP Plan and 2017 Implementation Plan were presented to, and adopted by, Council at the Public Planning Meeting on June 27, 2016. Implementation of the following five grant programs began on January 1, 2017;

  • Feasibility/Design Study Grant Program
  • Façade Improvement Grant Program
  • Building Improvement Grant Program
  • Residential Grant Program
  • Fees Grant Program


Report to Council Re: DTCIP Official Plan Amendment - April 25, 2016

Report to Special Council Committee - November 12, 2015 (includes revised draft incentive package)

Report to Council Committee Sept. 21, 2015 - includes draft incentive package and consultant presentation

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