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Incentive Programs

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The City of Orillia continues to invests in the success of our business community by creating and funding programs aimed to assist new and existing businesses.  We also provide information on other local, federal and provincial programs currently available.

The City has developed the Downtown Tomorrow Community Improvement Plan.  Incentives under this program are in-line with recommendations coming from the Downtown Tomorrow Strategic Plan to address current and future growth needs.

For more information about Community Improvement projects and incentives, please contact the Economic Development Department at
705-325-4900 or by email at

Development Incentives

Feasibility/Design Study Grant Program

This program offers a grant equal to 50% of the cost of an urban design study and/or professional architectural/design drawing(s) and/or eligible feasibility study.  Refer to the DTCIP project website for a list of eligable feasibility studies and application criteria. 

Residential Grant Program

This program offers a grant equal to up to 50% of the cost of rehabilitating existing residential units and/or the construction of new residential units.  Refer to the DTCIP project website for a list of eligable improvements and application criteria. 

Zero Municipal Industrial Development Charges

The City of Orillia in 2010 placed a moratorium on Industrial Development Charges to assist existing manufacturers with facility footprint expansion. and to attract new industry to the area.  The program has been extended until the end of 2021.

Development Charges Credit & Deferral Program

A DC credit will be applied if; land within 48 months prior to the date of payment of development charges is to be demolished, in whole or in part, or converted from one principal use to another principal use on the same land, in order to facilitate the redevelopment.

Developers may request a DC Payment Deferral which will provide an opportunity to use those funds towards other initial/construction costs and expenses related to the project. School Board Development Charges are not part of the deferral program and must be paid at the time of the Building Permit issuance.  For more information on this program, please contact the Building Division at 705-325-2214 for more information.

Business Incentives

Facade Improvement Grant Program

This program offers a grant equal to 50% of the cost of eligible front, side and rear facade improvements and restoration works to commercial, institutional, residential and mixed use buildings.  This grant has replaced the former Sign and Facade Improvement program, previously managed by the Downtown Orillia Management Board.  Refer to the DTCIP project website for a list of previously improvements and application criteria. 

Building Improvement Grant Program

This program offers a grant equal to 50% of the cost of eligible interior and exterior building and maintenance improvement works to commercial, institutional and mixed use buildings.  Refer to the DTCIP project website for a list of commercial improvement and application criteria. 

Federal & Provincial Government Incentives

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