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Utilities & Services

Water and Wastewater

Orillia's municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities use leading-edge technology to deliver high quality water and wastewater treatment services.  Low hook-up fees make starting or growing a business more attractive than ever. Orillia is well prepared for future growth with ample capacity in both its water and wastewater treatment facilities.

To setup or pay water bill accounts, please contact our Treasury Department at 705-329-7239.

Electric Services

Orillia was the first municipality in North America to build its own hydro-electric power plant and continues to operate three hydraulic generation stations that provide almost one-third of Orillia's hydro electricity.

Orillia Power has a proven track record of providing reliable power that is one of the most cost effective in the province. Orillia Power has an historical peak load of 55mw. Orillia Power has recently completed negotiations with Hydro One to supply an available load capacity of 100mw. Orillia Power has forecasted load demand for the foreseeable future (approx. 15 - 20 years) and has estimated about 25mw of future load demand from planned and speculative projects within our licenced boundary. Orillia Power is well positioned to accommodate future electrical loads from residential, commercial and industrial customers. Future plans include two new sub-stations on land owned by Orillia Power at the east and west sides of the City.

Orillia Power works closely with Hydro One to ensure future electrical loads from development projects are forecasted in conjunction with development projects from Hydro One customers, located within footprint of the Orillia Transmission Station.

For current rate information, contact Orillia Power Corporation at 705-326-7315.

Natural Gas

Natural gas within the City of Orillia is distributed by Union Gas (1-888-774-3111) as well as Enbridge Gas (1-877-362-7434)

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