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Available and affordable housing is a vital component for the creation and sustainability of prosperous and complete communities.

It is important that housing meets the needs of all residents and respond to changes in demographics and shifts in demand. Communities are becoming increasingly diverse and the housing supply needs to respond to this diversity as well as maintain its sense of community and character.

Orillia's Housing Future

It's predicted the City of Orillia will experience a population increase to 41,000 by 2031, which means a corresponding number of housing units will need to be introduced in order for the Orillia housing market to keep up with this anticipated growth.

Not only will there be a need in the numbers of units to increase but also the variety. Affordable Housing options for those with limited incomes, including students, young families and seniors will be required to accommodate changing needs  in the community. Orillia has already taken its first steps with the creation of the Orillia Affordable Housing Action Plan.

With the introduction of the Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) initiative announced by the Province for 2011-2015, front line agencies involved in housing could receive funds for the development of housing in Orillia.

The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and other publications including MoneySense have ranked Orillia as being part of the top towns to invest in.

Orillia's average housing price indicates a market with great investment opportunities.  In conjunction with the increased investment opportunity. City Staff have created information to help owners and developers responsibly convert single dwellings to multi-unit dwellings in order to create safe dwelling units, as well as, increase their profits and the City's housing options. 

The City is currently in the process of working to streamline its Site Plan Approval process to decrease the time spent on approvals for developers who are looking to build in Orillia.

Both the Economic Development and Housing Committees are key advocates and supporters of a prosperous and healthy housing future in Orillia.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website has information and programs to assist you. 




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