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Whether arriving by car, bus, or are looking to cycle the Sunshine City, you won't get lost trying to find or navigate through Orillia. Located in the heart of Central Ontario, Orillia is just 90 minutes north of Toronto. 


Located in the heart of Central Ontario, Orillia has remained a tourist destination for over a century, offering easy access from central highways. 

  • If you are travelling to Orillia from the south, follow Highway 11 north right to our doorstep.
  • If you are coming from the north, just follow Highway 11 south.
  • If you are coming from the east or west, Highway 12 will get you here quickly and easily.

Looking for more maps of the city? Visit our maps page for an up-to-date listing.

Navigating the Downtown Waterfront

There are various construction projects underway within the Downtown Waterfront area as part of a long-term plan to revitalize the area and better connect the beautiful waterfront to the historic downtown.

As a result of current and planned construction during the 2023 summer season, there are some impacts to access, parking and park amenities that residents and visitors should note. A map is available below to showcase current street closures, along with information on our Sunshine Shuttle Service which offers visitors and residents alternative access to the waterfront.

Please visit our Navigating the Downtown Waterfront webpage for more information.


Map of available routes to the downtown waterfront


There are more than 1,000 parking spaces on city streets and in municipal parking lots in the downtown core. The City's Clerk's Department - Legislative Services Division, ensures that parking by-laws are followed so that everyone has fair and equal access to parking.

View our parking page for up-to-date parking policies, maps, and pay information.

Public transit

Public transit in available for visitors looking to navigate the City easily. View Orillia's public transit page for details on hours, routes, and costs.

Ride-sharing and taxicab services

Transportation network companies, or TNCs (commonly referred to as ride-sharing services) and taxicab companies, provide options to get around our City. This page includes information on Orillia's currently licensed transportation companies, how they're regulated, and who to contact for more information.  

Licensed Transportation Companies: TNCs and taxicab companies require a business license in order to operate in Orillia.

Ride-share: A TNC provides drivers who carry passengers in the driver’s own vehicle for a fee, arranged by a mobile app. The following TNCs are licensed to operate in Orillia:

  • Uber: For more information, visit the Uber website or download the Uber app.

Taxicab: The following taxicab companies are licensed to operate in Orillia:

 Frequently asked questions about TNCs and taxicab companies

 Does the City set the fares charged by licensed transportation companies?

No. TNCs and taxicab companies set fares they feel are appropriate for their business model. 
Are licensed companies permitted to implement surge pricing? 
Yes. A TNC can apply surge pricing during peak (busy) periods for example, but a customer must agree to the price before the trip begins through the TNC’s app. Taxicab companies must ensure all rates including any scheduled price variance, is prominently displayed in characters of at least 0.5 centimetres in height and in Arial font on the sun visor or dashboard of each taxicab so that it is readable by any passenger situated inside the vehicle.
Is street hailing prohibited? 
Street hailing of TNC vehicles is prohibited; all trips must be booked in advance through the TNC’s app. Street hailing of taxicabs is permitted.
Are TNC vehicles required to have any identifying markings or or decals?
Yes. TNC vehicles must have a decal displayed in the front windshield (passenger side) which displays the logo or name of the TNC. Taxicabs are also required to be identified which includes having a roof light.
How do I get more information?
For more information about the by-law regulations, or to file a complaint, contact the by-law office at 705-325-2313, or online here (hyperlink to:
When I book a trip through a TNC app, will I always see the driver's name and photo?
Before a trip starts, TNCs must give customers (through their app.), the driver’s first name and photo, as well as the companies’ contact information, estimated cost of a requested trip based on the destination, description of the vehicle, license plate number, and current location of the TNC Vehicle. Before getting into a vehicle, it is recommended that you check to make sure the photo matches with the driver that is picking you up.



Orillia proudly boasts more than 29 kilometres of trails that complement our waterfronts and green spaces. 

For up-to-date trail information and maps, visit our trails page at

Rent or repair your bike with local businesses Bike Stop of Orillia and The Crank and Sprocket.

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