Transportation Details

  • Bus transportation is provided to and from competition venues for participants that requested Sport Venue transportation on their registration form. 
    • For these participants, Sport Venue transportation will provide drop off prior to the first game of the day, and pick-up after the final game of the day at your venue.
    • Depending on your schedule, this means you may need to arrive early for your first game of the day, and/or wait after your final game has concluded.
    • There will be limited shuttle service running on a loop to all venues and hotels throughout the day.
  • Bus transportation is provided to Opening Ceremony and Middle Night for all participants. Parking is relatively limited in downtown Orillia. If you do choose to drive yourselves to the special events a map of Municipal Parking lots is available below.
  • Participants who have opted out of Accommodations are able to park at Best Western Mariposa and take a shuttle bus to the Orillia Opera House for Opening Ceremonies.

Transportation Schedule

Download a PDF of the Game Info Deck

  • The buses will run as close to these times as possible.
  • For those sports at multiple hotels, the bus might be picking up at both locations on the same trip therefore will be at one hotel at the posted time and will service the other hotel shortly after.
  • Please ensure you are ready at the pickup locations for the posted time. Buses will not be held for late arriving athletes. Due to the large number of participants at the Games most of the buses are scheduled to do additional pick-ups for other sports so delays from one sport could cause issues for another. Buffer times are built in, but some transports are tighter than others.

transportation schedule

transportation schedule

Municipal Parking Lots Map

Municipal Parking Lots

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